TRIVENT r Perfect for outdoor clothing

Ideal for your favorite activities - jogging, cycling, climbing. Exercise with the feeling of incredible comfort.

Breathability (g/m2/24h)
JIS L-1099 (B1)
> 30 000
Waterproof (mm)
ISO 811
> 8 000
Windproof (cfm)
< 1 cfm

About the material

Three laminated layers of nanofibrous membrane Trivent® are intended for use in the most severe climatic conditions. The application of this lamination technology makes it possible to achieve excellent vapor permeability, water resistance and wind resistance combined with unrivaled protection.

Top layer
textile material (polyester, polyamide) water repellent (DWR)

Middle layer
TRIVENT nanostructured membrane

Inside layer
a protective knitted grid


The innovativeness of the production process lies
in the fine-tuning of the instruments, which makes it possible to produce a membrane layer that is not inferior in performance to even the most advanced competitors, but at the same time more environmentally friendly material.

Hot-Melt lamination
The thermo-reactive process that sticks membrane to textiles is named Hot-Melt lamination. Glue is applied to materials with extra small dots by especially laser engraved cylinders. The technology allows us to apply as minimum as 9 grams per square meter of glue to materials. It also helps our membrane textile to remain light and superbreathable.

Every step of our production is connected with a sustainable approach. PLAZKAT is special plasma-catalytic equipment that eliminates hazardous pollution and decreases air pollution from the production process up to zero points.
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