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The competitive advantage of our approach is the continuous improvement of the quality of materials. Our specialists from the Research&Development department are constantly collecting feedback from our customers and working on the improvement and adjustment of the product in order to make TRIVENT textile even better, more competitive, and environmentally friendly.

How we test our products

  1. We use our own technological, testing, and analytical equipment, which allows us to conduct comprehensive researches of membrane textile materials. We determine vapor permeability (ISO 15496, JIS L 1099, ASTM E 96); resistance to water vapor (ISO 11092); breathability (ASTM D737, ISO 9237); water column (ISO 811); physical and mechanical characteristics (ISO 13937, ISO 13934); surface morphology of the membrane material.
  2. It is practically impossible to recreate all potential life situations in the laboratory conditions. Therefore, our employees test the product in real conditions where it will be applied: on the mountain peaks or windy streets of the city.


It is one of the most important performance characteristics. Our testing facilities allow us to measure breathability according to JIS L1099, ASTM E96, ISO 11092.


With our TexTest HydroTester, we can measure water column value in accordance with ISO 811 between 800 and 40000 mm.

Air permeability

To confirm the windproof level of our materials we use TexTest equipment which shows how wind can permeate through the textile according to ASTM D737.

Surface morphology of the membrane material

The morphology of the nanofibrous membrane can show the quality of the production process and also it reflects the way fibers are formed.

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